AGM 17th September 2018

8pm @ The Methodist Church Hall!


After an amazing carnival in 2018 it is time to start planning for 2019.  However, we have a problem – after 30 years Fred Smith is stepping down along with several other organising team members.

For us to keep the carnival going into 2019 and beyond we need some new blood.  Can you give up a little time to help your community and local charities?

Why not come along to the AGM in September and find out how you can help?


The Current Carnival Committee

The committee meets at regularly – why not join us?  Just ask one of the committee for details – we’d welcome more help!!  The Officers and Committee currently are:

Chairman: Fred Smith

Treasurer: Anthê Evans

Assistant Treasurer:  Martin Moulding

Secretary: Vacancy

Publicity Officer: Sue Cessford

Deputy Publicity Officer: Pete Nichols

Licensing Officer: Steve Jenkins

Event’s Officer: Paul Smith

Plus: Michelle Harries, Annette James, John Fletcher, Liz Perrins, Laura Rogers, Jo Loughheed, Tracey Elvins, Brian Serjeant