Your Carnival Chair – John Turner

John Turner - Chair of the Carnival

After 30 years Fred Smith has stepped down and John Turner has now stepped into his shoes.  John has enjoyed carnival for many years and is looking forward to building on Fred’s legacy.  He also welcomes the fantastic response from residents which means the carnival can move forward with renewed energy.

At the October 2018 AGM a new committee was formed.  You can expect the traditional carnival to take place in 2019 but with some added and improved features.  We’ll be keeping you in touch via this website and also our Facebook page

The Current Carnival Committee

The committee meets at regularly – why not join us?  Just ask one of the committee for details – we’d welcome more help!!  The Officers and Committee currently are:

Chairman: John Turner

Treasurer: Michelle Anderson

Minutes Secretary: Liz Perrins

Treasurer: Abigail Wilson

Licensing Officer: Steve Jenkins (Shadow: Pete Allchorne)

Stalls Officer: Tracey Elvins

Publicity Officers: Leanne English and Phil Elvins

Entertainment Officer: Steve Day

Methodist Chapel Rep: Fred Smith

Plus: Laura Rogers, Pete Nichols, Kathryn Nichols, Jo Lougheed, Brian Serjeant, Simon Cohn, Martin Moulding

Carnival Constitution

To find out more about how the carnival is managed and read the latest Carnival Constitution Sept 2018